Memories Change

by Short-term Memory

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Memories Change was released in 1991, 6 years after STM's last record, the EP Guilty Pleasure. Many factors were involved for the delay. A continuous change in personnel, writing songs for specific projects such as the play "Da Da Da Da Da" and writing additional new material to perform outside of these projects and having to prepare for performances. This is not to say that the band did not record during this period, but they found it difficult to find time to complete the process. By 1990, Short-term Memory had all but disbanded and Jim decided to return to the band's roots, a focus on recording new material.

Tim Higgins, musician and the bands resident cover artist shared some material he was working on. Jim thought it made sense to try recording together. Tim had just created a space in their new home for setting up a recording studio and invited Jim to move his studio there. This was a great improvement over working in the chaotic environment where Jim lived at the time. Max Maksimik , the guitarist in the last version of the band was brought in to help flesh out the sound.

The result was Memories Change, a full length cassette of new songs. An eclectic mix of alternative, art rock and electronica (or perhaps it could be termed "industrial Folk). The emphasis this time was on words and the human voice.

Note: this version is slightly different than the original cassette. Songs 1 and 8 are new additions and song 7 was the opening track.


released May 22, 2014

See lyric section for lyrics, performance details and song writing credits:

Jim Skeel - Sampler / Synthesizer / drum machine / slide guitar / treated upright piano & vocal
Tim Higgins - drum machine and sampled percussion / synthesizer & lead guitar
Max Maksimik - lead guitar / synthesizer / drum machine / bass & vocal
Kay Lawrence -vocals
Constance Lague - vocals
Patricia (PJ) Johnson - dolphin choir
Robin Zeplin - dolphin choir
Pat Conway - bass
Twayn Williams - bass

additional words and poetry:
Mary Bodine
& Charles Colborne

Cover Art by Tim
Recorded and Mixed by Jim

This is a Short-term Memory / Jas Skeel Production in association with Tim Higgins. © ℗ 1991 / 2014 Waiting Songs BMI

The producers wish to thank all the people involved in this project. A special thanks to Renee Higgins who shared her home, Caitlin Higgins for being so cute and to Becky Brinkley for her computer wizardry.



all rights reserved


Short-term Memory Kansas City, Missouri

Short-term Memory Record 6 "official" DIY releases from 1983 to 1993. Originally a 3 piece "electronic" collaborative effort featuring Kevin Dooley, Jonathan Paul and Jim Skeel. These 6 releases reflect a continually shifting lineup of musicians and the change in sound with the departure of Kevin. More to come? ... more

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Track Name: Forgotten Gods
Forgotten Gods

JIM - vocals, sampled-[synthesizers & wood flute]
TIM- drum programing & sampled percussion

Uncertain beings from cave to church, In adolescent packs we pounded out our growing pains to gods, tea leaves, bones, stones, and any soft bodied mammal....Responsibility spread lightly through the universe, rocks of healing, sky of power....What dramas with each day! A thunderbolt was God's displeasure & soil demanded dance of blood....Circles of rhythm made deafening prayers and the reeds moaned like trapped children and the hilltops glowed with hot inspiration....Today we power driven little gods create our own reality....sacraments of logic and self realization....our creed to fulfill all needs....Banks built with temple columns, elevators rise like prayers to dens of self absorption, holy as a sacrifice....Oh doc! Please make us more outstanding, armor us in self esteem, please?....Let us be in our own movies....Happiness looms like an ax over the jungle chopping up our questions, cleaning away uneasiness....The ape lives on in laboratories, clean, starring at maps, stars on black....The universe is a wondrous backdrop of white coats swinging through important doors slapping their papers as one....The ape chews her improbable thumb....Something drums, something taps from the deepest heart of the celled ape, an insistent verb from another world, a ripples of another harmony, another combining.
Track Name: Dolphinale

JIM-vocal, sampled-[piano & breath]
MAX -ambient voice, drum program & guitar
PAT Conway-bass
ROBIN ZEPLIN & PATRICIA JOHNSON-dolphin speak & choir

Wetworld, so wide go I- Loose and saying songs so- you sing them back here- tells me scenery and lore- Oh wetworld, our life- new lines, now I'm told, bring danger of waterbreath- from hunting with bluefin- ghostlines in wetworld that don't answer back- like frozen stuck but not cold- a few skip the top, the rest- get waterbreath pulled up with bluefin to thin air- and sing no more.
Track Name: Growing Up

JIM-vocal, drum program, sampled-[percussion, piano & nature]
MAX-vocal, guitars-[ebo, acoustic & noise]
TIM-sampled percussion

I'm not old you know and you're not young- something outside that door meant something once---(CHORUS 1) the rain slashes down bringing us the poison- the sun peaks though the hole at the horizon--- sometimesI feel like an amoeba- floating in a sea of tears---(CHORUS 2) the air is filled with no fanfare for the children- the lovers that we share may be our ending fashion--- I thought I new my own direction- but taking a detour lost sight of my main objection---WHATEVER YOU WANT---I used to think about these things all of the time- until the government started nuclear testing in my mind---(CHORUS 1&2)---WHATEVER YOU WANT---
Track Name: Suspended Animation

JIM-vocal, sampled-[bass & vibes], synth-[bass & wash]
MAX-vocal, drum program, guitars & lead synth

Floating- in elliptical rings- suspended animation- left here on a blue sphere- suspended animation- anything is possible- just make a sound, watch it leave the world, everything is OK- fine dreams- of better things- suspended animation.
Track Name: America

JIM-vocals, sampled-[bass & industry sounds]
TIM-sampled drums & synth bass

Banging, clanging, industry- belching smoke and gas- landmarks on a horizon- pollution, a message from the past- soot falls on a city street- trees felled by loud machinery- while the forest dies in silence- from HAPPY INDUSTRY--AMERICA-- crops grow in abundance- thanks to chemical technology- a deformed baby dies from pollution we cannot see- we set the example- for all the world to see- we sell products we won't touch- to third world countries--AMERICA--
Track Name: Businessman's World

JIM-vocals, sampled-[basses & metal chime],rhythm & slide guitar
TIM-drum program, sampled percussion, rhythm & lead guitar

One thing doesn't seem to change- how many have, how many have not- when starving doesn't mean a thing- is it only a plot?- when the rich get richer- it's HAPPY INDUSTRY- the workers are tired of doing without- the shelves are empty- communism, down and out- the U S out spent them on war machinery- sitting on the deficit- HAPPY INDUSTRY- there seems to be a new game- how many will play, how many will not?- the balance of power is about to change- who will take to next step- if one systems wrong, does that make the other one right?- it's a businessman's world- HAPPY INDUSTRY.
Track Name: A New Low

JIM - vocals, sampled-[basses, plastic hose & synthesizers]
TIM - drum program & wah synthesizer
KAY - angelic voice

Making the goods to be bought and wasted- to excite the rich and placate the masses- Industry, like a bad dream- a smoking fire breathing monster- spitting out those smells and unworldly colors- Chewing up what's left- of the earth- poisons in us all- children doomed from birth--- (CHORUS) be thankful you have a job- be happy you have a home- you could be out in the street- or the person with nothing to eat--- Industrial production- forward looking to the future- demand will be pushing supply- what a lovely picture- Increasing population- increase industrialization- increase consumerism- increase the devastation--- (CHORUS)--- Industrial boredom- like a nodding junkie- using up our time- that is life itself- making the goods- to be bought and wasted- to excite the rich- and placate the masses.
Track Name: In An Unguarded Hour
.JIM- treated upright piano, sampled-[metal & orchestra]
Track Name: The West Bank

JIM-vocals, drum program, sampled-[duduk & ecstastrings]
MAX-vocal, drum program, funk bass, & guitar
TWAYN-bottom bass

those bitter, bitter years- faces pinched, faces sneering- those bitter, bitter years- faces pale, faces frightening- those bitter, bitter years-faces slack jaw stoned- experiential debris- settling or just crabby- needing a putdown- is everybody killing each other because it's so much fun?- look at what you've done- think about your poor mother- those bitter, bitter tears- hands raw, bodies bleeding- those bitter, bitter tears- people living with no meaning- those bitter, bitter tears- memories shift around- hell- MEMORIES CHANGE the truth- somebody told me- things would be perfect- so I've been disappointed with everyone- everything adds up but nothing matters but now I think there's more to life
Track Name: Love (Like a Train Wreck)

JIM-vocals, silly synths, sampled- [piano & train moan]
TIM-drum program, basses- [synth & sampled]
MAX-abusive guitars

Who popped the question?- who blew the first kiss?- I'll bet he asked her to marry him- but forgot to tell her about his temper or his fist- she shrugged it off at first- thought it was only a bad day- repeat performances convinced her- it would always would be that way- he could love her tenderly- or he might love her to death- but could she, no, no...she really loved him or so she said- she really loved him, yes she did- who needs hate with love like this?- who needs hate when loves like a train wreck? - Who needs hate, with love like this?
Track Name: Bliss

JIM-vocals, drum program manipulation, sampled-[glass, organ & synth]
TIM-drum program & sampled percussion
MAX-moaning & groaning guitars

It's the up and down that gets me- coming home to moans- I can't find any sympathy- coming home to groans---(REFRAIN) you put the pressure on- so you want to be on top- I just ask, on top of what?---I think I gave it up long ago- and that's what really scares me- because, I don't know- what I traded the pressure for- you have to make that final effort- and for that time life will be hell- hell, I've given it all up- for a float trip through life- recently it seems- I've been left behind- or I'm so far ahead- no one will catch up- (REFRAIN)
Track Name: (New) First Night Jitters

JIM-vocal, sampled-[bass, tuned tabla & duduk]
TIM-sampled percussion & rubber band synth
MAX-raga guitars

we're worried about our own skins- we miss the touch of strange skin- and we can't concentrate- skin, the fantastic expanse- subtle above all other sense- and a ziplock bag that keeps our bloodstreams apart- are you my lover and my killer?- manslaughter, by moonlight and romance- moved by a quaking kiss to enter the garden- (are you my lover and my killer?) we stop...and search for latex- and though we adultly protect our future- we imagine a slow weak death in pauses between breaths- the "what if" and "is it worth it" gnaw at our pleasure- as we resume our sweaty sharing- it is worse than fear of pregnancy (in victorian times)- when the price of lust and freedom and love- was hell in the making- (lost home family and reputation)- and now?...the cost plain and simply, may or may not be- our unlived lives.
Track Name: The Waiter's Rhyme

JIM-vocals, basic drum program, sampled-[bass & accordion]
TIM-drum program elaborations & cheesy synth organ

Waiting for the cosmic click- for the warlocks JUJU stick- for the perfect circumstance- when the feet know their own dance--- (CHORUS) HAPPY WITHOUT INDUSTRY---mother mother, waiting up- with a magic potion in her cup- little Samantha has it down- a magic nose and a wedding gown---(CHORUS)---waiting for a knock on the door- the jumping broom to sweep the floor- flowers that talk along the trail- hammers that just once hit the nail---(CHORUS)---sister sister, come here quick- there's golden coins and pistols to pick- sitting in a cabin fresh- whomever you want made into flesh- getaway voyage in the USA- no one wants to work today- get lazy on the wine and drink- so much time not to think---(CHORUS)---
Track Name: Democracy

JIM-vocals, drum program, synth bass, sampled-[basses & mellotrons], harmonics & slide guitar
TIM-harmonics & lead guitars

David just told me- circus come to town- I don't see no tent- but I see the clowns---(CHORUS) we run our own country- HAPPY INDUSTRY---they don't wear much makeup- just enough for TV lights- you don't have to leave home- they come visit every night- they won't take much time- three minutes maybe four- can you make a decision? do you have a choice?---(CHORUS)---you know your vote is sacred- information's undersold- press... ask a simple question- slogans then are told- polls define the issues- simple minds will take their cue- prayer and pledge allegiance- will satisfy IQ---(CHORUS)---politicians entertain us- throughout history- power to the wealthy- HAPPY INDUSTRY---(CHORUS)---